How to Be a Weird but Appreciated Girl

Should you happen to number among those who get labeled "weird", fear not. It's actually more common than you might think to have a judgmental know-it-all provide you with a label based purely on their own experience and preference of what is "normal". If you feel left out at times, mislabeled and therefore misunderstood and you're hankering to fit in some more and get the appreciation you truly deserve, there are some good things you can do to appreciate yourself and be appreciated by others.

Part 1
Getting Some Perspective on "Weird"

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    Understand what drives some people to call you weird. Being quirky isn't bad at all, but for some people, not conforming to a current "normal" is a little confronting and even scary. Some people have very tiny comfort zones and whenever they come across someone who just doesn't fit with their culturally conditioned view of what is normal and right, they find it disorienting, bothersome and awkward. In some cases, their mouth shoots off before their brain clicks in, and they call you weird. It isn't your fault, it's a default reaction from them and they actually have a responsibility to be more respectful.
    • People often reject what they cannot understand. This isn't a reflection on who you are, it's a reflection on their narrow understanding of the diversity of the world and the humans within it.
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    Treat the term of "weird" as a compliment. Be proud of not being like the others. Sticking to your outlandish personality whilst being appreciated for who you are is a rare but wonderful thing but nevertheless, not always easy. Yet, if someone calls you weird, it is vital to learn to see that as a major positive in that they don't see you as conforming to what everyone else does or thinks and therefore, you are an original and you're an authentic person following your own drumbeat. In a time in human history where innovation, creativity and originality are becoming highly desirable traits, you're ahead of those who try to fit in all the time.

Part 2
Loving Your Weirdness

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    Love yourself for who you are. Before you get others to love you, love yourself first and seek to understand the depths of your personality, your style and what matters to you most in this world. Write down all the things you love about yourself and why this makes you a great, funny, incredible, caring and happy person. Not feeling the need to compare yourself to others is a way of journeying through this world with your eyes wide open and your heart ready to accept others for who they are. Loving yourself enables you to better love others. If that's weird, it's only because a lot of people don't know it yet.
    • Remember that it is better to be rejected for being yourself than be accepted for being someone you're not.
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    Act like yourself. Don't be afraid of being yourself, it's the real definition of what is "normal". When people know who you are and you aren't afraid of showing off your awesome personality! Remind yourself when it seems all too hard, that being weird is a side-effect of being awesome. You're an original, a limited edition.
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    Make showing your true self a habit. Don't overdo it though, you will likely regret not trying to fit in when the occasion really calls for it, such as during someone else's special event or during those essential "more serious" parts of life like funerals and exams.
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    Learn to respond with humor and a light touch. Don't look surly, hurt or angry. Remember that thing about treating it as a compliment? If people call you annoying or crazy or a maniac, appreciate it. Remember to treat being called weird as a compliment to you, even if you're embarrassed about it.
    • Respond to an accusation of being weird with a smile, such as: "Me weird? Always." Or, "God bless you for noticing. I love my weird too." Or, "Yep, might seem so, and I'm the coolest person when you get to know me."
    • If you are shy, don't make a fuss about it. Lighten yourself up a bit, and don't get too shy about laughing at a joke. Soon, you can make new friends and live a happy life being weird and appreciated.
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    Show off your style. Maybe make up a new, funky nickname matching your quirky and individual style. It's better to celebrate it than to masquerade as someone you're most uncomfortable trying to be.
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    Find the other weird girls and guys out there. Shine your light brightly so that they can find you and be appreciated as they appreciate you. A mutual admiration society will never go astray! Remember that every person has a little weird inside them. Some have more than others, some are just brave enough to let it show. Find those people who connect with your weird and they are most likely a soul mate or friend.


  • Carve out a niche or find a career in which you can truly express how you view the world differently. Think about art, advertising, movie making, book writing, storytelling, acting, running a small company that kicks butt, being a safari guide or taking photos of places people are too lacking in courage to visit themselves. You can use your weird to add more amazing to the world.
  • WEIRD stands for: Wonderful, Exciting, Interesting, Rare and Dedicated. Rock it.
  • Honesty and vulnerability are often considered weird because many people feel exposed whenever they try being either or both. Yet both are beautiful ways to express yourself in life, and the only weirdness is how many people shy away from being honest and vulnerable.


  • Don't be annoying too much though, it will get on people's nerves. Everyone has a limit as to how much "in-your-face-I'm-cool-because-I'm-not-like-you" they can handle. Sometimes you do need to fit in. Know when it really matters and learn to suck it up on those occasions.

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